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Concept 2 Air

Solid Fuel Burning Cooker



” Safety: UL 1482, ULC-S627 “
This unit is not a certified residential wood heater. The primary use of this unit is for cooking or baking.

Colors: Stainless Steel, Gray

Cookers of air generation are produced in two models: Concept 2 air and Concept 2 mini air. They are intended for cooking and baking food. They use solid fuels: dry wood, coal or briquettes. They give the impression of fireplace, thanks to a fireproof glass on the firebox door. The construction of the air cooker allows precise regulation of the intensity of temperature, easy adding of the fuel and simple removal of the combustion products. Air cookers provide: reliable operation, high level of energy efficiency (85%), preservation of the environment (environment-friendly) and long life.

 Indoor cooking, with combination of classic and contemporary, takes to new level. Dual control for primary and secondary air intake, and connection for outside air intake, will provide cleaner and longer burning. Stylish black combination with stainless steel or gray gives warmth to any room. Glass on firebox and oven will proved enjoinment of viewing fire and checking on baked food. This model is highly functional and economical. Top and rear flue positions. Safety: UL 1482 and ULC-S627 certified.

Characteristics: M.U. Concept 2 air Concept 2 mini air
Power btu 42,000 35,000
Degree of efficiency % 85 85
Weight lbs 418 341
Cooker dimensions: –       width 39.76 22.25
–       height in 33.46 38.38
–       depth 21.06 20.50
Oven dimensions: –       width 16.54 13.78
–       height in 9.10 9.10
–       depth 16.14 16.14
Stovepipe/chimney connection   –  diameter in Ø6 Ø6
                                                       – height from the floor 29.41 34.37
Airflow (draft) required wc 0.0482 0.048