La Nordica Rosa L – Wood burning cooker

The Rosa Reverse Cookstove by La Nordica is a Cast Iron Wood Cook Range imported from Italy! This product combines excellent european quality at an affordable price.

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Safety: La Nordica stoves are not currently UL listed. Please follow your local building codes

The La Nordica Rosa L Wood Cookstove is the perfect solution for small cabins where space is limited. The classic anthracite stove body with accent red tiles compliment both traditional and modern style decor. The Rosa L Wood Cook Range is Italian made and is very popular in the European region. The Rosa L Wood Cook Stove is all the quality you expect from Italian made products.


  • Enamelled external facing
  • Doors and facade in polished cast iron
  •  Double glass fire door
  • Top cooking plate and rings in polished cast-iron
  • Refractory and cast iron hearth
  • Wood drawer




Technical data:

Rosa L Wood Cookstove Specifications
Rosa L Cook Stove Dimensions33.5″W x33.9″H x26.3″D (not incl. trim)
Stove Footprint33″ wide by 24″ deep
Weight422 lb
Firebox Opening8.8″W x8.3″H
Firebox Size11.6″W x12″H x18.1″D
Oven Size12″W x16.5″H x16.9″D
Flue LocationTop or Rear Vent
Chimney Flue Diameter15 cm (5.9″) (adaptor required to connect to 6″ chimney)
Firebox MaterialCast Iron
BTU Output29,000 BTU
Efficiency84 %
Approx. Avg Wood Consumption5 lb/h
Energy LabelA+


D.O.P (pdf)

Technical data sheet (pdf)

User manual (pdf)


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