Rizzoli ML60 / ML80 Lux – Wood Cook Stove

It is characterized by a large combustion chamber and a large panoramic oven. The view of the fire is extremely enhanced. It can be built-in or freestanding.

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Safety: UL 1482 ; ULC-S627

The range of the already arti culated M Series expands with the arrival of the New ML Lux Series, a wood fi red cooker available in two sizes (60 and 80 cm wide) that boasts an extremely elegant look, characterized by fully glazed doors. To complete one of the most modern aestheti cs on the market, there are three new metallic colors (Silver, Pearl, Bronze) which are added to the color range of the series. The result is a unique wood-burning stove, capable of enhancing the already extraordinary features of the M Series: unrivaled vision of the fi re, maxi combusti on chamber, super-large oven. The technologies inside the wood fi red cooker are also extraordinary, thanks to which ML Lux has earned the best European certi fi cati ons in terms of low emissions in the atmosphere.


    • Certified combustion system Superflame®
    • Steel or Glass ceramic radiant plate
    • Vent to the Outside
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Self-cleaning Double-Glazed Ceramic Glass Fire Door
    • Reversible fire door
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Flue Smoke System with refractory material
    • Starting air
    • Primary and Secondary Air Automatic Regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Ignition with Bypass Key
    • Closing of vent to the outside
    • Insulated Handles
    • Wide Stainless Steel Oven
    • Quick-release oven door with double-glazed glass
    • Oven with Light and Thermometer
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Pyrolytic coated baking tray on Telescopic rails
    • Oven grill grid
    • Riser with Ventilation Holes
    • Natural thermal convection on the sides
    • Maxi fire chamber
    • Maxi panoramic oven
    • Fire door e oven door fully glazed
    • Always cold thermally insulated handles
    • Quality refractory material

Technical data:

  • Width: 23.6 inch (ML60) / 31.5 inch (ML80)
  • Maximum power:  60,000 BTU’s/hr
  • Height: 33.46 inch
  • Efficiency at nominal power: 80.2%
  • Depth: 23.6 inch
  • Dimensions of the oven (WxHxD): 13.7 x 10.2 x 18.5 inch
  • Weight: 507 lbs


Tax Credit Certificate of efficiency
Safety Label – Rizzoli ML.07.16.2020


Finish:Top:Plate:Multi-fume:Door openings:
Edge with riser
Behind + top, left + right
Hinges Right
Hinges Left
Desert sand
Ceramic glass
Bordeaux red
Metallized bronze
Metallized pearl

ML60, ML80


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