North – Thermo-Hydro Cook Stove

North Wood burning cooker is intended to be used for cooking and baking food and it’s manufactured and tested according to European EN 12815 and UL1482, ULC-S627, American and Canadian standards.

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Safety: UL1482 ; ULC-S627

North Wood burning cooker is intended to be used for cooking and baking food and it’s manufactured and tested according to European EN 12815 and UL1482, ULC-S627, American and Canadian standards. The upper plate of the fireplace is made of steal. Firebox doors are made of steal with fireproof glass. Connection for smoke drainis being put on the plate and connected with screws. All the materials that NORTH cooker is made can be recycled. Sealing elements are made of materials that NOT contain asbestos.

Introducing the convenient and beautiful stainless steel wood burning cook stove,” North”. Incorporated modern contemporary design with European style is stove to please everyone. Clearances to combustible materials on back and sides are only 6”. Primary and secondary air intake will provide cleaner burning and gives more output of heat for cooking and baking. Stainless steel and black will incorporate in any room and décor.  Firebox is lined with vermiculite bricks for better distribution of heat. UL 1482 and ULC-S627 certified.

NORTH wood cook stove is an elegant, modern cook stove made of Inox, produced in versions with left, right, upper and back flue exhaust, which enables easier connection with chimney.


  • Sides are made of Inox
  • Door of the firebox and oven are made of thick steel sheet
  • Deep firebox is made of vermiculite
  • Large oven is made of Inox ( practically indestructible and easy for cleaning)
  • Built-in thermometer on the door of the oven, easy for usage
  • Oven is warming through the circulation of warm air on all five sides, including the back
  • Bottom of the oven can be removed when cleaning
  • Oven’s drawer is convenient as a storage for dishes, wood, kindling material…

Control work:

Handle from the front side above the oven regulates circulation of the warm air around the oven. When the handle is closed, drifting of the air towards the chimney and enables intensity and ability of heating. When the handle is opened, warm air does not drift around the oven and that enables stronger cooking function.

Very important notes:

Firebox of the NORTH cook stove is, on the one side, covered with vermiculite as an isolation material and on the side made of grey casting there are ports which enable bringing of the tertiary air into the firebox which improves quality of combustion process and flue gases.

Control of the air flow: At the bottom of the firebox there is a regulator of the primary air which controls fuel combustion and reduces fuel consumption

Practical cleaning: ashtray can be easily and fast taken out and cleaned

Large drawer under the oven enables fuel space saving

Freeproof glass of the firebox, German producer SCHOTT-ROBAX

Technical data:

Use Solid fuel cooker
Nominal power Btu 31,500
Efficiency % 79
Fuel Wood, wood briquets
Dimensions of the cooker W x L x H in 35.5×23.7×33.5
Dimensions of the fire place W x L x H in 11.5×17.7×11
Dimensions of the oven W x L x H in 13.8×18.7×11.6
Weight lbs 265
Minimum distance from flammable materials
Back in 6
Side in 6
Front in 36
Content CO (reduced on 13% O2) [%] % 0,091
Chimney connection in 6
Chimney connection position Left/right upper plate
Consuption by nominal power kg/h 1,5
Emission temperature °C 239
Air regulation Primary
Required draft Pa/wc 12±2/ 0.040 – 0.057


Safety-Label-North-v2-F (pdf)

North-Manual-v2.1-F (pdf)

North-brochure (pdf)

Water coil-North US (pdf)

NORTH HYDRO US 2016 (pdf)

Concept 2 Hydro US (pdf)



Finish:Flue exit position:
BlackRight Top+Rear
Stainless SteelLeft Top+Rear

Black, Stainless Steel

Flue exit position

Right Top+Rear, Left Top+Rear


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