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Outdoor Oven

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The Cupola oven is one of the many new products of 2013 offered by Alfa Pizza. A ready-to-use oven entirely refractory made, its unique rounded shape brings to mind wood-fired ovens from bygone days.

Cupola is the meeting point of two kinds of material that are seemingly distant, steel and refractory. Rediscover the taste of tradition thanks to an oven that combines all the pleasure of cooking on refractory stone with the convenience of immediate ignition.

  • Cupola is a wood-fired oven already insulated within the refractory.
  • Cupola operates in the same way as wood-fired ovens of the past.
  • Cupola is a wood-fired oven made of lightweight refractory and easy to assemble.
  • Cupola does not require masonry installations, it is ready for use.
  • Cupola is the ideal meeting point between steel and refractory, thanks to the experience of Alfa Pizza.
Cooking floor / Inside diameter 0,40 m2 – 70cm
Minutes to heat up 45
Depth 103,0 cm
Width 104,0 cm
N° pizzas at a time 3
Bread baking 6 kg
Pizzas in 15 minutes 12
Average consumption 3,5 Kg/h
Mouth Width 49 cm
Mouth Height 24 cm
Weight 200 kg