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Cupolino 70

Modular Pizza Oven

Price: SOLD OUT!

Alfa Pizza presents the Cupolino 70 oven. The base and dome are two unique pieces, easy to assemble and very light, the weight of the whole oven is just 130 Kg! For lovers of traditional prefabricated ovens to coat to your liking, Cupolino 70 is the right product, fast and easy to install and coat.

Cooking floor 0,40 m2
Minutes to heat up 45
Depth 90,0 cm
Width 80,0 cm
N° pizzas at a time 3
Bread baking 6 kg
Pizzas in 15 minutes 12
Average consumption 3,5 Kg/h
Mouth Width 47 cm
Mouth Height 24 cm
Weight 130 kg