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New Smart

Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven

Price: $4,200.00

An oven characterized by simple features and linear design. It is available in one dimension, with a 45x80 cm cooking chamber. Sidewalls are made using a high resistance, mustard colored, powder paint, while the roof is available in mustard or stainless steel. The inside of the oven is a great example of the use of Clementi technology. One of the most important technical features that a wood-burning oven must have, is the ability to maintain high temperatures even after the fire has been put out. This is made possible, thanks to a 5 cm double refractory layer used in the cooking chamber and a 10 cm thermal flywheel.

Ventilation-speed environment Smart System
Cooking Levels 3
Cooking Chamber 430 stainless steel, fixed
Firewood needed to reach 300°C 5/7 kg
Firewood needed for hourly maintenance 1 kg
Contant Oven Heat 4 hours
Temperature for 8 hours from being put out 100°C
Weight 320 kg
CO 13% O2 min. 0,17 / max 0,32