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Rizzoli S80

Wood Cook Stove

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Safety: Safety: UL 1482 ; ULC-S627 (Pending)

The large combustion chamber covered in refractory material, the radiant plate in high thickness steel joined to the large lit oven recreate a warm atmosphere without renouncing the unique taste of food. Furthermore, the high quantity of refractory material used in the combustion chamber and in the double flue gas guarantees a considerable accumulation of heat produced during combustion and a constant and gradual release in the following hours, even when the wood-burning stove is off, keeping the heat warm. environment.
Configure your wood stove and discover the many customizations and aesthetic variations.


  • Superflame certified combustion system
  • Radiant plate in steel
  • External air intake
  • Fire door with hermetic seal
  • Fire door with double ceramic glass
  • Combustion chamber in refractory material
  • Double fl owers with refractory material
  • Automatic regulation of primary and secondary air
  • Secondary air preheated
  • Starting with smoke bypass key
  • Adjustment / closing of external air intake
  • Handles isolated
  • Handrail on three sides
  • Stainless steel oven
  • Oven door with side opening glass
  • Oven with light and thermometer
  • Oven with excess steam valve
  • Pan in pyrolytic enamel on telescopic guides
  • Oven grill
  • Vented sides with natural thermal convection
  • Arrangement for recessing between the furniture


 Technical data

  • Width: 31.5 inch
  • Total rated power:  42,000 BTU’s/hr
  • Height: 33.5 inch
  • Efficiency at nominal power: 83.3%
  • Depth: 23.6 inch
  • Dimensions of the oven (lxhxp): 11.8 x 10.9 x 16.9 mm
  • Weight: 451.9 lbs